Our first week afloat

The work of the last months finally pays off… we have a boat, and for the first time we can go and sail her!

We were quite anxious: how would we really find her? How would we find her manoeuvrability? How would we handle the responsibility? But in the end: it was a great and very satisfying experience!

We were happy to share our first few days aboard with our sailor friends Francesco and Eliane who also flew out from Switzerland to join us. It was great to have their company and their sailing experience Buy Amoxypen , and we can only thank them for their patience while we were trying to solve little problems and find things amongst the many tools and spares we helpfully inherited from the previous owners.

After they left us on Tuesday morning, we had a few days to carry out some more maintenance activities and take her out by ourselves. Having already got to know her a little, we now felt prepared to handle her ourselves, and we worked very well together despite some challenging conditions as more variable weather set in.

Here are some impressions of our first trip from my phone: better quality photographs from our real camera to follow!

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