Friends in trouble!

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Our friends Sabine, Dario, and their kids from TOP to TOP are an inspirational voyaging Swiss family travelling the world examining and communicating about the climate and inspiring and empowering students to develop their own initiatives. Their boat Pachamama was badly damaged in a storm in Iceland three days ago: Exceptional storm crashed Pachamama.

They are not able to stem the massive repair costs all by themselves and are looking for support and donations to help them fix their boat and continue their wonderful work. Join us in supporting them!

Unsere Freunde Dario, Sabine und ihre Kinder von TOP to TOP sind eine inspirierende Schweizer Familie, die segelnd um den Globus reist, und dabei Schüler in aller Welt über Klimawandel und respektvollen Umgang mit der Natur und unserem Planeten unterrichtet und zum eigenen Handeln inspiriert.

Vor drei Tagen ist ihr Schiff Pachamama bei einem schweren Sturm massiv beschädigt worden, und sie können die Reparaturkosten nicht mehr aus den eigenen Ressourcen stemmen.

Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr sie wie wir auch etwas unterstützen und spenden könntet. Jeder Rappen zählt!












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Dipping our toes in…

We are starting this blog today as we move away from our life on land in Switzerland and start a new life aboard a small sailboat, currently moored in Cagliari, Sardinia in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.

We have many reasons for making this step, but ultimately after a year and a half in which sailing  and boating has increasing dominated our free time and our lives, it simply feels like the natural next step.

For those of you without much experience of boats, you might be imagining an easy life of clear sailing, swimming, snorkelling and sundowners. We certainly do hope that these will be major features… but eternal holidaying it is not. This new way of life will contain more than its fair share highs and lows, joy and frustration, adventure and boredom. But in the end we hope to learn much about ourselves and the world around us.

As we dip our toes into cruising, we hope you will join us here and follow our experiences through our words and photographs.

Alex & Angie